2016: Musica Poetica/Music from the Regensburg Manuscript

2016 season brochure

Musica Poetica

Winter 2016:

Music Poetica: Rhetoric in Renaissance Music

In the Baroque period, most composers and music theorists relied heavily on the principles of rhetoric – from the architecture of a whole speech to a single rhetorical flourish – to craft and describe musical structures. Yet the understanding of music in rhetorical terms was already well established in the late Renaissance. Convivium explores the rhetorical in music from either side of the (largely arbitrary) Renaissance-Baroque divide, with works by Lassus, Schein, Padilla, and more.

Musica Poetica Concert Program    Musica Poetica Concert Flyer

Saturday, January 30, 2016  7 PM  –> Reception to follow; all are invited!
Cambridge Friends Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, MA
Ten-minute walk from the Harvard Square Red Line T stop
Map/Directions/Parking Info

Sunday, January 31, 2016  5 PM
Christ Church Andover, 33 Central http://nygoodhealth.com/product/lipitor/ Street, Andover, MA
(Haverhill line; see mbta.com for map and schedule)
Half a mile from the Andover Commuter Rail stop
Directions and Parking Info:  Christ Church Andover Web site

Sunday, February 7, 2016  4PM

-> This performance included a collaboration with dancers from the Cambridge Dance Company, led by Lauren Pajer.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 15 St. Paul Street, Brookline, MA
10 minutes walk from Brookline Village Green Line T stop (the “D” line)
Map/Directions: St. Paul’s Church web siteGoogle Maps

Sunday, February 14, 2016 4:00 PM
First Parish Church, 24 Central Street, Berlin, MA
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Otello by Giuseppe Verdi

We are delighted to once again assist the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras in this performance

Sunday Jan 24, 2016, 3 PM, Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Five-minute walk from the Harvard Square Red Line T stop

Regensburg-windsSpring 2016: Music from The Regensburg Manuscript

The Regensburg Manuscript, a collection of six partbooks, is a significant collection of late-16th-century polyphony. Although the manuscript contains vocal music, it was copied out for an ensemble of wind players, and is unique among sources of the period in containing specific instrumentation for around half of its 120 compositions. Convivium is delighted to collaborate with the 7 Hills Renaissance Wind Band in performances of works by Striggo, Monte, Utendal, and many more.

Regensburg Concert Program          Regensburg concert flyer

Saturday, May 14, 2016  8 PM   Reception to follow–all are invited!
Trinity Lutheran Church73 Lancaster Street, Worcester, MA   Map/Directions:  Google Maps

Saturday, May 21, 2016  8 PM   Reception to follow–all are invited!
Harvard-Epworth Church1555 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
Five minutes walk from the Harvard Square Red Line T stop
Map/Directions: Harvard-Epworth Church Web site,  Google Maps

Sunday, May 22, 2016 7 PM
United Parish in Brookline, 210 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA
Five minutes walk from the Coolidge Corner Green Line T stop (the “C” line)
Map/Directions: United Parish web site