Concert History

Convivium has a long, rich history of performances of both well-known and lesser-known works. Browse the archive below to learn more about our past concerts, and access past programs as well. You can also download
a complete history
(XLS spreadsheet) of the works performed since our first concert in 1989!

2022-2023: Music in Mantua/Joy & Sorrow: The Music of William Byrd/Duo Seraphim Clamabant

2021-2022: Cornucopia/Ars Imperfecta/A Musical Banquet

2019: Songs of Salamone

2018/2019: Palestrina Revisited/Songs and their Offspring/Musica Nova: Music in Venice from Willaert to Monteverdi

2017/2018: Reunion/Retrospective/Cori Spezzati

2016: Musica Poetica/Music from the Regensburg Manuscript

2015: Music from the Dow Partbooks/Sweelinck

2014: Lost: Requiem and Lamentation/Found: The Age of European Exploration

2013: Brahms and Early Music/The Music of the Spheres: Music and Mathematics in the Renaissance

2012: Orlandissimo: A Renaissance Prodigy / Orlandissimo: A Prince of Music

2011: Josquin’s Playlist / Armada

2010 : (Counter) Reformation / Beyond the Gamut

2009 : Early Byrd: Motets of Byrd and Tallis from Cantiones Sacrae 1575 / Going for Baroque

2008 : Josquin Was Here: Franco-Flemish Musicians in Italy / Two Weddings and a Treaty: Renaissance Occasional Music

2007 : Les Psaumes de David: Great Tunes and Poetry from the Genevan Psalter / Music from the Golden Age of Spain

2006: Byrd: A Votive Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary in Christmastide / Victoria: Music of Renaissance Spain

2005 : Lamentations for a Ruined City / Laments of the Queen of Carthage

2004 : Muses of Zion: Music of the German Reformation / Josquin Desprez and the School of Flanders

2003 : Song of Songs: Music of Renaissance Spain / Les Psaumes de David: Psalms from the Genevan Psalter

2002 : Byrd: A Votive Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary in Advent / Music of Renaissance Spain and the New World: A Concert in Memory of Kathy Benforado

2001 : Orlando di Lasso: Lessons from the Book of Job / French and Franco-Flemish Music in the Age of Reform

2000 : Missa Nunca Fue Pena Mayor of Francisco de Penalosa / Songs of the New Pythagoras & Laments of the Queen of Carthage

1999 : Music from the Courts and Chapels of Maximilian I / Maestros de Capilla: Missa Simile est regnum of Alonso Lobo

1998 : La Contenance Angloise: The Flowering of English Polyphony / Alma Redemptoris Mater / Songs of the New Pythagoras

1997: Iberia

1996 : The Silver Swan / Fortuna Desperata

1995 : Zefiro Torna: Music of Love and Springtime / Missa de beata virgine by Josquin

1994 : Heinrich Schuetz: Madrigals and Motets / Missa sine titulo by Tallis, with Renaissance Christmas music

1993 : Gaude Maria / A Shared Tradition: Tallis and Rossi

1992 : Revoicy venir du Printemps

1991 : Missa Lauda Sion of Palestrina, and other works / Ardente Amor! Passion and the Senses in Italian Music of the Late Renaissance

1990 : Catholic Masters in Protestant England: Music for the Latin Rite 1540 – 1620 / Aires, Songes, and Madrigalls

1989 : Masters of the Motet / The Golden Age of Spanish Polyphony / Ave Regina Caelorum / Mostly Madrigals